PB Edwards share a common drive to succeed – providing exceptional services to our customers.

We provide a range of dry lining services and modular systems to clients in South of England covering both residential and commercial developments.

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Installation of various types of screed systems including traditional sand and cement screeds and self levelling flow screeds to comply with the acoustic, thermal and structural requirements.

Steel Framed Systems

SFS walling is a popular build method with our customers.  PB Edwards work closely with key manufacturers such as MetSec, MetFrame, Hadley etc.


Specialise in plasterboard partitions and ceilings with block work, metal and timber walls achieving fire, sound, impact and air testing requirements.

Tape & Jointing

When using boards to build walls and ceilings, the tape and jointing finish ensures quality walls and ceilings.


All aspects of internal finishing including wet plastering and spray applied finish.


We deliver traditional sand and cement render, insulated render and colour through renders.

MF Ceilings

Suspended metal framed ceilings including coffered detailed ceilings and acoustic ceilings.

GRID Ceilings

Suspended lay in grid ceilings in both mineral, fibre and metal pan tiles.